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    Π 򳯰 𐦰椫桲ힺ롷᳨ 򰩱릠򴥤ࡢ򦲮议 롲椮𳽠ҐҐ 嬠1991 񯫳, 걠즠񯱳겼걠򳯰髨 󞡱󡳨򳩪桴챮 ֳ 氳즠娿㩫鲿 𐡫󡳠䡧注 ճ󢯫" 1994 񯫳.

    Πꡳ콸㡴콭鳠񦵥𱡢򦲮议 롲椮𳽠𐱥岲ᣫ쬠ͮ򫣳 󞡋歳᢮ Ю 30 ᱡ󰴢 𐯲ꡮ󱩬ᬨ 򳡲񡴲񞡬箠񯥭롲椮𳽠(ᱡ󮡔Հ)

    ӥ ճ󢯫򴥤, לּᱡ󱦊 ҳ夳 㲥򯿧 롲椮𳽬 ᱡ󱦠㲥򯿧 롲椮𳽊 ү鲮衱ࡳ򦲮议 롲椮𳽊 ү鲮衱ࡢ򦲮议 롲椮𳽬 򰩱蘒ᱡ󰴢 㲥򯿧 롲椮𳽊


    Р. ϳ⡧㴪栫إ񦭸鮨. ̼ⴢ: Џ ˮ샥񹪠2009. 130 흰br/>
    Author: Oleksandr Pauk, well-known football historian and statistician from Lviv.

    Language: Ukrainian

    City and year of publishing: Lviv, 2009

    Topic: FC Karpaty Lviv 1969 Cup season. The lower division team from Ukrainian region of Galicia achieved unique success by winning the USSR Cup. It was the only time in USSR Cup history when Cup went to lower division club. This title still remains the only major success of Karpaty Lviv football club since its establishment in 1963 and up to this days...

    Style: sections about every single Karpaty match in this Cup season biography of about every single player of Cup winning team, historical photos, detailed statistics and line-ups.

    Site opinion: we can frankly say, this is best ever published material about Karpaty Lviv in thier Cup winning year.

    You can: download free, read online (read on-line)

    Ш쩯ͮ, «Ạ蠲., Π衰릢鵠ܮ Ҋힿˠ񰡲蹠 ⴫ힺ᫠ 믬ᮤힺ ̼ⴢ: Ƞ쮓뱠멩 믭򡬲鮣 𹪠2009. 56 흱SBN 978-966-1518-40-6

    Authors: Pavlo Pylypchuk, author of many books about Lviv football players and managers; Ihor Blashchak, football trainer and academy physical culture teacher; Yuriy Nazarkevych, football historian and statistician, FC Karpaty Lviv press secretary.

    City and year of publishing: Lviv, 2009

    Topic: SKA Karpaty Lviv. Army team SKA Karpaty was created in 1982 by merging army club of SKA Lviv with civil club of Karpaty Lviv. Officials thought it was good idea to unite two clubs in one, but during existence of SKA Karpaty old Karpaty traditions were lost and team managed by Soviet army become unpopular in its own city of Lviv... SKA Karpaty Lviv finished their last, 1989, season on the 22th place which was the last place in the league.

    Style: photo and most essencial information (date and place of birth, number of mathes and goals for SKA Karpaty, list of other clubs he played for) about every single player of SKA Karpaty Lviv. tables of all SKA Karpaty seasons (1982 - 1989) in USSR First League.

    Site opinion: good reference book, written in a encyclopediacal style, all players' profiles are in alphabetical order, so it is simple to use.

    Ҡ쬠. ힿ, ࠰歪젲. ݮ ˠ񰡲蹠̼ⴢ. ѥ묠-񭡶ꮨ硤宨謠 ̼ⴢ, 1990. 166 흰br/>
    Authors: Ivan Salo, journalist from Lviv, head of Lviv Region Football Federation in 1989 - 1992; Ivan Yaremko, sports historian, author of many interesting articles and books about the history of sport in Lviv.

    City and year of publishing: Lviv, 1990

    Topic: History of FC Karpaty Lviv.

    Style: Each section is about each season played since 1963. Every section contains list of players, their posisions, number of mathes and goals for Karpaty in particular season.

    Site opinion: good short history of club. Helpful for football statisticians and people, who want to study FC Karpaty history.

     ᴩ . m尳硘棷殪젗 𐦰 㦰鮨. 㡭쮔񡮪㲼誠2002. 88 흰br/>
    Author: Vasyl' Babiy, writer and local historian from Ivano-Frankivsk.

    City and year of publishing: Ivano-Frankivsk, 2002

    Topic: Person of Andriy Shevchenko. His life and football career until 2002.

    Style: Book for mass reading. Written in semi-journalistic style, it covers major events in Andriy Shevchenko's life.

    Site opinion: unfortunately, book's volume and contens is not much valuable for football historians, but may be interesting for football fans, because there are not so many books about football in Ukrainian... ճ󢯫аﲲ홱 28 (115), 19-25 쩯2011. - Ϯ 1 ճ󢯫аﲲ홁rc=

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